Our motivation

Our motivation

Vision: Our leaders and staff share the same vision of becoming the leading company in the field of media, event and tourist in Vietnam, with great ambitions, sustainable development strategies, high responsibility, conscientious and readiness to acquire advanced knowledge.


Mission: Sharing Ideas – Connecting Success


Core Values: "Trust - Heart - Intelligence - Human"

TRUST: PhucNguyen Media put the TRUST on top of everything and make it as a competitive weapon. We make sure meet the requirements of customer, specializing in quality of service and project implementation schedule.

HEART: PhucNguyen Media considers the HEART as the cornerstone of all business operations, respect the law and maintain honest business ethics. We always believe in customer-centric and put the benefit and effort to satisfy our customers’ needs. Your satisfaction is our development goal.

INTELLIGENCE: PhucNguyen Media identifies creativity and innovation as vitality, a level for development, which makes a difference to every product or service we provide. Our team share ideas to bring valued and successful to customer. We praise innovation, clear mechanism and transparency.

HUMAN: We at PhucNguyen Media are a team of elite, truthfulness, enthusiasm and have a strong work ethic. We have always attached great importance to employees as the most valuable asset, gradually build a professional working environment with dynamism and humanity. Together we build a relationship with the customer sincerely.

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About us

About us

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